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DC Inverter Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner

DC Inverter Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner
DC Inverter Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner
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Product Code : 07
Brand Name : Mr Cool
Product Description

Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner

Why hybrid solar air conditioner can save electricity

It absorbs solar energy to heat the inside medium by using vacuum solar collector. The refrigeration of the compressor goes through the copper coil inside the collector and undertakes a heat exchange. The refrigeration exchanges heat with the medium inside the solar collector will go through a cycle inside the system for cooling and heating.

It adopts a high efficient heat-exchange system. The use of internal thread pipe hydrophilic aluminum fin and the optimal heat exchange system reduce energy loss, improve the overall efficiency and effectively ensure the performance. Therefore, hybrid solar air conditioner is more convenient and energy-saving than regular air conditioner.

Performance Characteristics

  • Solar air conditioners adopts environmental-friendly gas, does not bring greenhouse effect!

  • Making use of solar, when air conditioner obtains setting temperature, it will stop using electricity.

  • High efficiently, energy-saving, comfortable and money saving, exceeding national first grade energy standard.

  • Durable and long lived, smooth running. Low loaded operation of the compressor to extend its duration


The MR COOL Solar Hybrid Inverter Air-Conditioning system utilizes the ambient temperature to create thermal energy which pre-heats the environmentally friendly R410A gas, assisting the cooling process of the air-conditioning system. So it even works at night! This substantially reduces the electrical consumption required to run the compressor, resulting in savings of an average of up to 67%* on electricity costs. 

All air-conditioning systems operate on gasses as the refrigeration process takes place by evaporating liquid. Conventional air-conditioning systems lose significant quantities of 'the heat' that generates 'the cold'. Mr Cool Hybrid Solar Air-Conditioning uniquely harnesses the sun's energy to super-heat the refrigerant, thus ensuring far greater compressor efficiency. 

The Mr Cool Solar Hybrid Inverter Air Conditioning System combines three vital elements: a specially designed condenser, a highly advanced evaporator, and one of the most efficient compressors on the market today. This results in a significant increase to the rate of heat exchange which eclipses the heat exchange rates of conventional air-conditioning units. 

Additionally, a state-of-the-art controlling module ensures that the Mr Cool Solar Hybrid Inverter Air Conditioning System achieves the highest possible energy efficiency ratio. 

Once your new Mr Cool Solar Hybrid Inverter Air-Conditioning System is installed, invite your friends to relax in the beautifully cooled atmosphere of your home and tell them how you saved as much as 67%* on your electricity bills.